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I’m a first year Ph.D. candidate in machine learning and applied mathematics at Inria Paris in the HeKa Team and Université Paris-Saclay under the supervision of Agathe Guilloux and Anne-Sophie Jannot.


Research interests

I work on causality and time series analysis for health data. The goal of my research is to piece together four big topics that are of interest to mathematicians, biostatisticians, MDs, economists (and many more):

  1. Causal inference.
  2. High dimensional statistics.
  3. Survival analysis.
  4. Time series and longitudinal data.

Check out the links for short introductions to each of these topics and suggested readings.

I am also more broadly interested in rough analysis, optimization, reinforcement learning and theoretical machine learning.


I was born in Celle (Germany) and studied in Paris and Freibourg at the French-German Highschool. In 2016, after 3 years of classe préparatoire BL (mathematics, social sciences and humanities), I was accepted with full scholarship at Ecole Normale Supérieure (Paris), where I first studied economics before turning to mathematics, computer science and machine learning. I graduated from ENS Ulm in fall 2021.

I hold a BSc in economics and in mathematics from ENS Ulm, and a Master degree in control, optimisation and calculus of variations from Sorbonne University (form. Université Paris 6 - UPMC). Check out my CV for further details.


I am lucky to work at the beautiful campus of PariSantéCampus, in the 15th district of Paris. My adress is

Equipe HeKA


2-8, rue Oradour-sur-Glane

75015 Paris.

Feel free to reach out if you want to stop by for coffee or lunch.

You can also contact me at firstname.lastname AT inria dot fr.

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More about me

I’m fluent in German, French and English. I love to hike, climb, cycle and enjoy the outdoors (as almost all people doing research).